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Grand Canyon smooth water float tours are absolutely unforgettable experiences. The magnitude of the canyon is awe-inspiring and the diverse scenery is spectacular. About two billion years of history are contained within the canyon’s 277-mile length. Grand Canyon National Park is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations,Guest Posting and various types of tours are available to explore it.

Grand Canyon water rafting is an option that many marrakech desert trips people love as it can really give you a feel for the raw nature of the area. As you float down the Colorado River, you will be able to behold some of the most striking scenery on the planet. The Colorado River provides thrilling whitewater rafting adventures that attract people from all over the globe. Several Colorado River whitewater rafting tours are available, but one of the most popular is a four-day experience that begins at Lee’s Ferry and ends at Phantom Ranch.

Not everyone has the nerve to go whitewater rafting. Fortunately, the Colorado River isn’t just one set of rapids after another ? along some parts of the river the water is quite smooth. Float tours through the Grand Canyon are calmer outings that move at a leisurely pace. These tours often stop at attractions or include hiking expeditions too.

Most Grand Canyon smooth water rafting tours begin at the base of Glen Canyon Dam and end at historic Lee’s Ferry. These day-long tours a quite enjoyable. Your best bet may be to take a combination tour that offers thrilling whitewater rafting with calmer smooth water floating. The type of rafting experience you choose is up to you based upon your own likes and budget.

You can even choose Grand Canyon water rafting tours that last up to five days. Since these tours are so popular, they fill seats on a first-come, first-served basis; some seats fill up a year in advance. I suggest you plan well ahead and purchase your tickets as soon as you finalize your travel plans. The multiple day tours usually begin at Diamond Creek.

If five days isn’t long enough, you can even take longer trips that last up to 25 days. The longer you can stay, the more spectacular scenery you can enjoy.

In addition, the tours can be self-guided, or you can opt for a guided tour. I suggest you take a guided tour, because an expert guide will be knowledgeable about the river and the surrounding area.

There is also a choice when it comes to the rafts used; some have motors and others don’t. Rafts are also different sizes; some carry a few people while others can handle a dozen or more. You may be able to select your raft when you book your seat, or you may need to wait until you reach the launch point.