The World of Wigs

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Even though women from all walks of life wear wigs, some people may associate the wearing of one primarily to conceal thinning hair or baldness caused by disease, illness, or certain medical treatments such chemotherapy. However, celebrities, as well as everyday women enjoy the benefits of wearing a wig. Alternative hair treatments allow women the opportunity to drastically change their look, without drastically modifying their natural hair. Women can enjoy a completely different hairstyle and/ or color look without having either Kinky Straight Wig to cut their hair or use chemicals to change the color of their hair. Women wear wigs for work and for every day use, special occasions and sometimes to just make a bold fashion statement. It’s fun to watch the reaction of friends when someone they have known as a short hair brunette all their lives appears one day as a blonde with long flowing locks! On the other hand, many women will chose a wig that most closely looks like their natural hair so that friends and strangers are totally unaware that they are wearing a one.

There are many different manufacturers and designers in the wig industry. Louis Ferre Wigs is one wig manufacturer whose collections are always memorable. The company is recognized not only for their beautiful wigs, but also for their technological innovations. New York City is the home of Louis Ferre Wigs. The company has been producing fabulous wigs for over 40 years. They are known for their amazing craftsmanship as well as their cutting edge styling. The company does exhaustive research into new colors and different types of hair fibers.

Their products are made from either synthetic fibers or human hair. The synthetic fibers used in their products are Kanekalon and Toyokalon providing softness, and realistic color and texture. Louis Ferre human hair wigs features 100% Remy human hair. Remy human hair is hair that still has the cuticle layer intact. The outer microscopic layer that exists in natural hair is still intact with a Remy human hair wig. You may wonder what the benefits are of a Remy human hair wig. Remy human hair provides a more natural feel, and shine and is also more durable than cheaper human hair wigs, resulting in a longer lasting wig. An example of their technological wig cap innovations is the Monosystem cap design of certain Louis Ferre wigs. This type of cap construction offers a Crystal net monofilament top and illusion front providing a natural look that allows more freedom in styling options.

Louis Ferre wigs collections feature short hair wigs such as Carla, Coco, Daisy, medium length wig styles including Emerald, Gwen, and Linda and long hair wigs with Jennifer, Janice, and Estee. In addition to a variety of lengths, there are over a hundred Louis Ferre wig colors from which to choose. On a Louis Ferre wig colors swatch chart you will find light colors with names such as Platinum Blonde, Honey Red, and Strawberry Blonde, medium colors such as Cinnamon, Auburn Mist, and Paprika, and darks colors such as Expresso, Dark Rust, and Darkest Brown.