The Great Pyramid Is A Time Machine

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If I have been to construct a time machine, it’d have a completely truthful layout. It could have a rectangular base with four isosceles triangles as its walls. Its interior might Orgonite pyramid be packed with a dense fabric of brilliant mass consisting of granite or limestone. Despite our Hollywood stimulated conditioned photograph of a time device, my time machine could be void of any electronic gadgetry. Simply put, my time device would resemble the Great Pyramid in Egypt. If we take an analytical view of my equation, Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation, we be aware that Time (T) is a component of Distance (D), Mass (M), and the inverse of Energy (E).

Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation

T=√D2x M x 1/E

We can glaringly journey forward in time via visiting on a totally speedy space deliver (accelerated D). Our personal clock would gradual to a near standstill at the same time as those residing on the earth could continue to tick away. We may also freeze our our bodies to almost absolute zero, as a consequence appreciably decreasing our basal metabolic fees (a decrease in E). Obviously, no longer the most cozy revel in imaginable. Lastly, we ought to build an full-size pyramid like shape with a completely high mass(boom M). The inside chamber might be geared up with a ventilation chamber gadget to permit access to air and meals. Sound familiar? The Great Pyramids of Egypt precisely match this description.

If we had been to check our time system by way of setting a 5 12 months vintage baby in its chamber, an outsider looking at into the pyramid’s internal chamber might observe that the child slightly elderly even after ten years. However, the child peering out of the pyramid would notice that his observers on the outdoor of the pyramid might grow vintage quick before his eyes. In addition, if the kid wore a wrist watch, the time on his watch might be substantially at the back of the time at the outside of the pyramid as soon as he emerged. The boy might have in reality traveled into the destiny. Time is relative and the pyramid has the capability to regulate time on its interior relative to its exterior due to its extremely big Mass (M).

An exciting modern day experiment might involve the use of extremely correct atomic clocks. These clocks have the capacity to measure time inside the thousands of milliseconds. Let’s count on that we synchronize the time for two atomic clocks on the outdoors of the Great Pyramid. One of the atomic clocks might be placed within the innermost chamber of the Great Pyramid even as the alternative atomic clock might be placed outdoor the pyramid. After one month or longer, the recorded time from the atomic clock retrieved from the interior of the high-quality pyramid might be drastically behind the atomic clock’s time at the outside of the Great Pyramid. Hence, the pyramid served as a time gadget, slowing time in its interior relative to time outdoor the pyramid.

Additionally, a 2d test may want to contain the lifestyles span of mice dwelling inside the interior of the Great Pyramid versus those dwelling outdoor the pyramid. Mice dwelling in the interior of the Great Pyramid might be cited to outlive mice living at the pyramid’s exterior for the reason that water and food continue to be quite simply to be had.

Although modern physicists have referred to that point slows close to massive masses, they have got, and I trust incorrectly so, said this phenomenon to be because of ‘gravitational purple shift.’ I assert that large masses distort space which secondarily increases the Time variable. Furthermore, fast ahead motion (D) and power (E) discount even have a magnifying impact on Time (T).

The Great Pyramids are in truth time machines. Whether the pyramids possessed the capacity to hurl time tourists hundreds or thousands of years into the destiny remains to be seen. However, Egyptian Pharaohs might also have used the pyramids to increase their lifestyles span i.E. A fountain of young people. Maybe the pyramids had been used to buy time for those recognized with incurable cancers. In any event, there remains no reason why similar systems couldn’t be used today for similar functions.

Naturally, if we erected pyramids of greater top and notably greater mass, the efficacy of our time device could substantially enhance.

Unfortunately, the price tag of our pyramid time machine might run into the trillions. If we elected to build a time machine on a price range, we ought to, in truth, attempt some other approach. By burrowing underground we are able to capitalize at the mass of the earth and thus increase the mass (M) variable. Secondly, if we burrowed in an arctic place of the globe, we may also capitalize at the Energy discount component (lower E) of Rainer’s time longevity equation.