Oppo A15S – Two Important Features

The Oppo A15s is a mid-range Android smartphone with a very nice, big, 6.lesh touch screen with a high-definition screen and a very sharp sensor for navigation. It comes with many features including music player, video player, camera, IM, Bluetooth, GPS and many other features. Apart from these, the phone also has a lot of useful applications bundled with it like the weather forecast, local maps, and the Google Maps application. The phone comes with the Oppo skins which give it a unique identity as well. These are removable covers that provide an opportunity to customize the phone according to ones personal needs.

There are many variants of the Oppo A15s oppo a15s but all of them come with the same hardware and have the same internal design. The first model of this smartphone has an astounding dual camera, the first of its kind on an A smartphone. The second variant has an amazing 13mp primary camera as well. The Oppo A15s Dual SIM free also has advanced voice calling features that have been enhanced by adding a treble dial system. There is no doubt that the Oppo A15s has the most powerful specs in the smartphone industry today and this is because of the company’s dedication to provide the best mobile experience to their customers.

The battery life of this smartphone is one of its strong points. It can last up to a week with extra usage and there is also an option of getting a replacement battery at any time. The battery is yet another remarkable feature of this smartphone. It features an octa-core processor and an Adreno HD Adreno graphics processor that provide the user with excellent quality graphics. The battery has rung up to 4230mah which is considerably larger than the average smartphone battery.

Apart from the impressive technology, the Oppo A15s features some advanced features which are very convenient to the users. For instance, the Face unlock option allows the user to unlock their smartphone with just a swipe of the finger. This facility is not present in many other devices. Another exciting feature of the Oppo A15s Dual SIM Free is the support for the ODBE 2.1. The ODBE stands for On-The Dahve Database Exposed Exchange which is a database maintained by HTC that is used for managing the contacts, text messages, emails and other data on the HTC Evo Shift and HTC Desire lines.

When it comes to camera features, the Oppo A15s has an eight megapixel primary camera with laser auto focus. This makes it the first smartphone to have a dual lens camera. Apart from this, the A15s also comes with optical image stabilization which eliminates the shake from most smartphones. In addition, this helps eliminate the noise created by the camera so that you get crystal clear pictures. To make sure that you get the best performance out of the device, you can download a specialized firmware called EVR Plus which increases the battery life of the A15s by about twenty percent.

There are many features that are present in the Oppo A15s but two of its most important features are the presence of a fingerprint sensor as well as the ODBE 2.1. The ODBE is used for managing all the important data on the HTC Evo Shift and HTC Desire lines and this is supported by the HTC Sense software. This is one of the unique features of the Oppo A15s which is different from others in the market. However, this does not mean that the Oppo A15s uses a traditional button technology but instead it uses a new sensor known as capacitive sensing which is located on the front side of the phone.