Italian Soccer School Programs

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Scuola Calcio Italian Soccer School offers some of the most outstanding soccer school programs. Scuola Calcio Italian Soccer School was founded in 1996. It is the only soccer school to actively promote its Italian Soccer Coaching methods for all its soccer students.

Scuola Calcio is the right school for you, whether you’re an emerging player or an elite player.

Scuola Calcio offers Italian Soccer Language Programs, Summer Soccer Camps, and Year-Long Academic Soccer Boarding Schools in Italy.

Many soccer students have the livescore opportunity to travel abroad, or just to attend our North American Soccer Programs. Soccer is the most popular sport in North America.

Antonio Saviano is the Scuola Calcio North American Coordinator.
Scuola Calcio is an Italian Soccer School that offers international soccer training programs, Soccer “Schools” throughout Italy, year-long academic soccer development, and also monthly and biweekly development programs for players aged 14-22.

Only boys aged 14-18 years old can apply for the Italy “Year-Long”, high school soccer boarding school program. Our affiliated Italian High School, Convitto Nazionale Principe di Napoli, is where players are enrolled. They train each day under the supervision of the Scuola Calcio technical coaches staff. Scuola Calcio offers a “University” option for players aged 18-23 at the University of Perugia. There are also options for one, two, and three-month “custom” soccer development programs in Italy.
Flexible dates are available for this program. Students can choose when and where they want to travel.

So what are you waiting? Register now to learn more and find the right program for you.

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