Different Roles for Chefs in the Catering Industry

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Chef/cook. Chefs need to master both traditional and new techniques to serve high-quality meals to their clients.

Chefs need to undergo a considerable amount of education to achieve the required standards in the industry and also develop their own distinctive techniques within the industry. The essential abilities required for a chef include teamwork, creativity along with a sharp sense of the taste. Certain of the most experienced Chefs are able to discern subtle flavors that can transform an entire dish private chef in Cabo.

Kitchen Manager

A job in kitchen management requires supervision of kitchen staff, making sure that employees are cooking and working at a high standard, conducting health and safety inspections and making sure the kitchen is neat and tidy. The tasks the kitchen manager is responsible for include things like the preparation of food, inventory, cleaning, and any other special events that are taking place. A kitchen supervisor is accountable for the entire staff that are employed at the table. They have to be extremely organized and be able to pay attention to the smallest of details to ensure that they provide most excellent food for customers.

Assistant chef

A Chef Assistant works directly under the direction of a Head Chef . The Assistant Chef assists and supports in every aspect that involve food preparation as well as distribution. The position offers the chance to study special ingredients and portions control, stock taking and a greater understanding of the importance of safety and health within the kitchen. Anyone who is looking to become an Assistant Chef should be interested in catering and an extensive amount of prior experience in the same field.

Commis Chef

Being an Commis chef is an entry point into this sector of the Catering Industry. It’s a fundamental job that requires a huge amount of work and routine tasks to be accomplished. It is basically an entry-level job where you’ll learn the fundamentals of the field.

Pastry Chef

A Pastry Chef is responsible for one specific part of the kitchen, where they prepare cakes, desserts, breads and other pastries. A Pastry Chef may work in a wide range of settings, including hotels, bakeries cafes, restaurants, and bakeries. The Pastry Chef has to source new ingredients, design and create new dishes, as well as conduct research into innovative techniques and food items.

Head Chef

Head Chefs play an essential role in every restaurant. Their decisions and their creativity could result in the restaurant becoming a success or a failure. They should understand how to please their patrons and also provide their customers with fresh and innovative food items. Each member of the staff working in the kitchen is accountable to the Chef in charge. The most important decisions that Head Chefs need to make is deciding on the menu, the frequency with which the menu is changed and the amount of food portions and specials for the day.