5 Ways a Hypnotist Can Sabotage a Past Life Regression

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Back in 1981, I performed my first Past Life Regression. My 14 12 months old brother changed into with me for the day and I concept it is probably a laugh. After counting him down to a relaxed at ease vicinity I gave him the instruction that he changed into to move again to an earlier time in a extraordinary life. On his own he regressed returned to whilst he become about eight years antique. Very quietly he explained that he become at a circus. As he endured to reveal what become happening I become very amazed. He stated his shoes had been muddy, his garments have been dirty and stinky. He cited he was wearing a steel pail in his hand which become complete and heavy. He then instructed me that he and his circle of relatives lived with the circus and his process become to easy up after the elephants and camels.

As he described the scene to me I knew that this wasn’t some thing that he could make up for amusing. He changed into the type of kid who would choose to be the Ringmaster or a Trapeze Acrobat. He become a normal 14 12 months antique boy who might in no way choose to clean up after the animals any extra than he would choose to come to be a scullery maid.

After that revel in I was hooked. I continued to do Past Life Regressions for everyone who could take a seat nonetheless. During one among my early regressions I requested my patron to explain her shoes. She said nothing. I requested once more. She remained silent. The silence persevered until I found out that she turned into unable to explain something that failed to exist for her. I then requested her to describe what she become carrying, starting together with her ft. At that factor she shared that her ft have been naked and grimy. She wasn’t wearing footwear at all. Over time I found out new strategies to help me to get extra statistics from every consultation.

Below are 5 critical factors that I’ve learned over time. Read them. Learn them. Keep them in your thoughts. Forgetting any such can without difficulty sabotage your consultation.


One common question I heard from my clients at some point of my first few years changed into “The concept got here into my mind that I felt as though I was making the entirety up.”

When your patron is deep in hypnosis it’s essential for her to keep away from listening to her aware mind interrupt with questions. Any inner questions she is privy to will serve to carry her up from her trance. Your intention because the hypnotist is to keep your customer in her trance so she can get the entire enjoy of her Past Life Regression.

To keep away from your purchaser coming out of trance, it is crucial to in reality give an explanation for what she may be experiencing.

During my pre-speak I say: “Most of the time it’ll be clean for you to visualize and consider what goes on. Some customers notice that within the beginning they might experience as if they are making things up. This is completely normal and perfectly OK. At some factor, normally right away you will honestly permit the scene to spread on its very own. It may also even sense as in case you are watching a movie and you’re the one who’s beginning the projector.”


If your customer isn’t in somnambulism then she isn’t deep sufficient to get the maximum out of her Past Life past life regression Regression.

Clients now not in somnambulism will reply with sentences which begin “I remember…..” Remembering starts offevolved within the aware mind. When you hear the word “don’t forget” it is a clue that you will want to deepen her trance.

When your purchaser is deeply in somnambulism she will without difficulty consider the scene “as if” she is there. This is referred to as “revivication”. This is precisely wherein you need her to be.

In somnambulism she will be able to reply with phrases like “I see…..” “Over there’s a…” “I am…”

In her imagination it feels AS IF SHE IS THERE.


Both forensic hypnotists and Past Life Regression Hypnotists have to be sure to NEVER ASK LEADING QUESTIONS. Leading questions are phrased in this type of way as to signify a solution. Leading questions can frequently direct your client’s imagination to create scenes and conditions that aren’t accurate. They can move her in guidelines unrelated to her memory or imagination.

EXAMPLE: You have finished your induction and feature guided your customer back to an earlier area time. You haven’t asked her any questions yet. At this degree you don’t know where she is. She might not know both. If your first question is: “Notice what kind of automobiles you see,” you would be suggesting that she go to a place where automobiles are positioned. This question might right away move your customer faraway from in which she is and to a vicinity in which she will be able to see cars.

Past Life Regression reports can be anywhere and whenever. If she’s headed towards Egypt within the 16th centur